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Below you will find some of the common configurations for the BOD2 printer. However, many other combinations are available.

The configuration and size of your printer is determined by your requirements for print area and height.

Each axis is made of a number of 'modules' på 2.5m each. The printer name is defined by the number of modules on each axis (X-, Y- and Z-axes as shown on the image).

The final price is determined by the number of modules in your final configuration.

Ancillary equipment designed for use with COBOD printers (including batch-mixing plant, silo and pumps) is also available.

printer dimensions


BOD 2-2-2

BOD 2-2-2

Recommended for R&D, universities or materials lab testing.

Installation Area:7.45 x 5.05 x 5.05 m

Printable Area:4.52 x 4.55 x 3.09 m

Total printing area:20.56 m2 (1 floor)

BOD 5-5-3

BOD 5-5-3

Recommended for small and medium sized projects.

Installation Area:15.03 x 12.63 x 7.58 m

Printable Area:12.10 x 12.13 x 5.62 m

Printing area per floor:146 m2

Total printing area:293 m2 (2 floors)

BOD 5-8-4

BOD 5-8-4

Recommended for large projects, up to 3 floors.

Installation Area:15.03 x 20.21 x 10.10 m

Printable Area:12.10 x 19.70 x 8.14 m

Printing area per floor:238 m2

Total printing area:715 m2 (3 floors)

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