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At 3DCP Group, we are among the world leaders in 3D printed construction. Although we are the spearhead in the proliferation of this revolutionary building method, we have collectively more than 100 years of experience from all phases of more conventional construction.

3DCP Group A/S was established in 2021 with the ambition to revolutionize the construction industry as we know it. We believe that we can create better buildings, which are erected faster and more gently for people and the environment - at the same time, we are not limited by the traditional box geometry that conventional construction methods are in bricks, concrete elements, or panels. This therefore opens a wide range of doors for architects to think outside the box and consider people - without it necessarily becoming more expensive.

We have architects, engineers, construction managers, as well as printer operators, and therefore have all the necessary competencies to manage a construction project - from the first idea to a turnkey building.




"Thanks to the innovative processes in 3D printing, it is possible to build new and sustainable houses, in less time, so there is more time and budget to improve other processes"
- Thomas Leerberg, Ph.D, Architect, director of planning at Holstebro municipality

"3D printing, automation and digitization are becoming more and more important in construction for several reasons. Firstly, we can build faster and with completely new forms than before, and secondly, we can minimize waste and use fewer materials."
- Kasper Lynge, Ph.D, Deputy head of department at the Department of Construction and Building Design at Aarhus University

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